Monday, June 22, 2020

Love in the Pandemic: Chapter 2

Love in the Pandemic

Chapter 2

I pressed my thighs together as I walked, still reeling from the physical exchange that had just taken place in the produce department.  I had to get my mind back on track.  Oh yes, I needed to stop at the deli and get some meat and cheeses for sandwiches.  I made my way towards the back of the store where I was dismayed to find two gentlemen carrying on a conversation in front of the deli counter.  I huffed and lingered in the background as they continued talking about everything from sports to their dissatisfaction with the new mandatory facemask law.  Soon the delicatessen returned from the butcher block and joined in the conversation too, completely oblivious to my presence.  I rolled my eyes as they refused to move along.  Finally I was tired of waiting and sashayed between the two men bringing their conversation to a halt.
“Half a pound of Swiss cheese and turkey breast please.”
The delicatessen nodded and returned to the slicer.
“Oh, I almost forgot, half a pound of salami too.”
“You got it ma’am” he replied.
“Can’t forget that salami” the gentlemen to my left joked.  I pulled down my giant turtleneck just enough to shoot him a smile.  I was alarmed at his strikingly good looks.  His tussled sandy blonde hair hung slightly over his deep set eyes and his tall masculine frame strained from beneath his casual sweat suit.
“No we can’t” I purred back.
“I’m afraid we’re all out of Salami ma’am.  Perhaps I can interest you in something else?”
“Just the Swiss and turkey then please” I replied disappointed.
“Maybe we can help you find that salami elsewhere?” the man to my right interjected.
I looked the second man over from head to toe.  He was tan with dark features and a stunning build.
“Yes, I am sure you gentlemen would be a BIG help” I cooed.
I felt them inch closer until I could almost feel their hot breath on the nape of my neck through their facemasks.
Suddenly I could feel two rock hard rods each stabbing at my buttocks simultaneously.  As I bent over to drop my basket to the floor their poles battled for entrance between my thighs.
I reached back with both hands and stroked their hard members through the crotch of their pants.  Both grew in girth and size with my touch.  My fingers tugged at the loose material of their waistbands and sprung forth two jumbo salamis right into my waiting palms.
“Looks like you found what you were looking for after all” the blonde man whispered.
His voice made me moan and my insides liquefied.
With long hard strokes I molded their cocks into fleshy daggers which were a dangerous weapon to unleash in public, but the feel of their pulsing veins and protruding ridges made me weak.  My fingertips traced the bulbous heads, both leaking fluid of excitement.  I worked it between my palms to lube the shafts.  Both grew harder and groaned with small whimpers of pleasure.  My wrists twirled and circled every inch of them.  I backed my hips up into their laps so they could graze themselves against the soft fabric of my sweater.  I let out a little chuckle as they both struggled to breathe beneath their masks and react in a natural way that would not blow our cover.  I then tucked my hands inside the long wool sleeves of my sweater and slid their enormous poles through the soft folds of the material.  Each fiber tickled their engorged members, pleading for more, and aching for release over my delicate sweater.

   I was so caught up in my handy-work that I failed to notice the delicatessen had returned to the counter with my packaged meats.  With a stunned expression on my face, I looked below the glass to see his hand stroking the length of his penis.  With an amused grin I continued jerking the two gentlemen vigorously.  My panties were moist as the exhibitionist in me was receiving the spotlight.

   The two meaty shafts next to me were just about ready to blow so I needed to think quickly.  I licked my palms for lubrication and really milked the shafts to their boiling point.  With a few swift tugs their knees buckled and two thick streams of semen flew into the air like geysers.  After a few delayed spurts I hummed with delight and stuffed the swollen organs back into their pouches.
“Looks like we need a clean-up in the deli aisle” I winked at the delicatessen as I grabbed my parcels and left.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Love in the Pandemic: Chapter 1

Love in the Pandemic

Chapter One

            It was supposed to be a simple trip to the grocery store.  I just needed to pick up a few essentials.  It was the last few chilly days of March in New York so I took advantage of the cool weather by wearing one of my thickest sweaters with the tallest neck I could find.  Being that masks were still mandatory in New York, I figured my thick wool neck pulled up just under my eyes would be as good a defense as any.  I pulled the soft wool sweater over my shoulders, letting it caress my body as it fell to my waist.  The feeling sent shivers down my spine.  I buried my face beneath the massive turtleneck before admiring my form in the mirror.  I slipped on my snake-skin tights and high-heel boots, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door.

            Arriving at the grocery store I couldn’t help but notice the lack of cars in the parking lot.  I let out a deep sigh of relief.  Less exposure this way I thought.  I made my way inside and grabbed a basket.  Accessing the mental checklist in my memory, I headed for the produce aisle first.  Cantaloupes would make a perfect breakfast for the next couple of days.  The aisles were deserted so I took my time squeezing each melon looking for the perfect ripeness.  Suddenly out of nowhere a rouge hand reached out beside me.  Startled, I took in a deep breath of surprise and turned to see the gentlemen beside me.  We locked eyes for a few seconds.  I kindly stepped aside but he inched closer.  I watched as he fondled each fruit delicately.  Caressing the bumpy flesh of the cantaloupes with the tips of his fingers.  Tracing seductive images with smooth strokes.  His hands brushed over the round domes in soft sweeping motions and I felt my insides ignite.  It had been so long since I had felt the touch of a man since the pandemic started and my body tingled and ached to be touched.  Our hands moved closer to one another.  I could feel the electric current pulsing between them.

In a bold move I reached across him, leaning towards his solid frame, letting the arm of my sweater graze his hand.
“Sorry” I whispered.  I could tell he was smiling under his mask.  He moved in closer until we were almost shoulder to shoulder.
Suddenly I felt his hand reach out and touch mine.  I gasped and froze as his digits traveled up my arm caressing the soft wool of my sweater.  I turned towards him and melted into his welcoming arms as they pulled me close.  Both hands now reached up to molest my woolen breasts.  He massaged them and traced their curves as he had done the fruit.  He cupped them in his palms and kneaded them ferociously.  My chest heaved into his hands and my breathing became rigid.  I felt dizzy with excitement and my legs became weak.  My panties filled with a warm reaction.  I could feel his groin upon my leg now, grinding and thrusting into me as he groped my wooly treasures.  I could make out his jagged breathing and looked into his sapphire eyes as he pressed the wool deeper and deeper into my skin.  His fingertips turned red as he dug deeper into the billowy folds of my garment.  His hips jolted forward and his grasp became firm before he shuddered and released his hold.  I stared at him breathlessly for a few seconds, not sure if I should speak.  Before I could say a word, he gave me a wink, and left the aisle empty handed.  I suppose he got all the melons he needed that day!

            With a slight flush to my cheeks I smoothed my sweater and continued about the store in a euphoric daze.  Completely unaware of what would happen next!

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Knock Knock..."

"Knock Knock..." 

     Ken peered out his window at the winter storm raging out of control.  The icy winds and gigantic snowflakes created a blizzard so thick he wondered if the world outside had been swept away.  He sipped his hot coffee and thanked god he had made it home from work in time before the storm really hit hard.  Expecting a long lazy afternoon of television he changed into his sweatpants and his favorite thick black sweater and settled onto the couch under a layer of heavy blankets.  He enjoyed how the material clung to his body like a glove.  Something about the soft fabric against his naked skin relaxed him and sent a sexual charge throughout his body.

    Knock knock knock…
   “Who could that be?” Ken wondered “Who the hell would be out in this storm?”
Ken raced to the door and opened it.  His heart stopped in his chest.  His muscles froze. There stood a petite redhead flashing him a flirty smile.  The snow melted against her rosy cheeks as her long crimson locks swirled about her shoulders and down past her waist beneath her knitted pom-pom hat.
   “Hi… my car is in a snow bank just up the road and my cell-phone is dead.  Can I come in and use your phone and call for some help?”
Her voice and smile were intoxicating.  Ken had trouble picking his jaw up from the floor. Her ivory mittens tugged at her turtleneck hidden just below her coat.  Her green eyes sparkled as they pleaded to come in from the cold.  Ken felt his heart beating out of his chest.  The sound of it resonated into his eardrums.  A hot sweat overcame him despite the cool winds circulating through the door.  Her teeth chattered as she waited for his response.  Ken struggled to move… to talk… anything!
   “Oh… umm… yes of course.  Come on in” he stammered.
As she walked past him through the door he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume.
   “The phone is right back there on the table near the kitchen”
   “Thanks” she smiled.
He watched her hips sway towards the kitchen and felt his member twitch as she adjusted the bottom hem of her sweater.  Her high-heel boots clacked across the parquet floor as she disappeared within the shadowy room.

            Ken fidgeted with his hair, then the remote, then the couch pillows, and pretty much anything he could find as he waited for his mysterious visitor to return.  His leg bounced and his toes tapped the floor with nervous energy.
   “Bad news… looks like your phone lines are down” her voice said suddenly making Ken jump almost a mile.  She giggled at his reaction.
   “Really… and of course this would be the one day I leave my cell-phone at the office” he said checking his pockets.
   “I’m sure the lines will be fixed soon.  In the meantime, you are welcome to stay here.  Nobody should be out in that storm” he chuckled.
  “Tell me about it!  But seriously, you don’t mind?
  “Not at all.  Make yourself at home.”
  “Thanks” she purred.  Her pursed lips smirking at him as if begging to be kissed.  She slowly unzipped her parka and flung it off her shoulders revealing a soft white wool sweater.  The turtleneck caressed her porcelain face and cupped her delicate chin.  Her bountiful breasts pressed against the fabric, begging to be free.  She then removed her fur-trimmed gloves, hat, and boots and set them by the door.  Ken could not help but notice her ample backside when she bent over.  She smoothed the bottom of her sweater down over her hips and thighs before joining Ken on the couch.  Ken felt a shiver run through his body as he watched her tug at the collar of her sweater and bite it ever so seductively.
   “So… the office huh?  What do you do if I may ask?” her soft voice inquired.
   “Oh you know, a little of this, and a little of that.  I work sales mostly.”  Ken tried to play it coy.
   “What about you?  What would bring you out on the most awful of winter days?”
   “Work mostly” she giggled, still brushing the turtleneck between her fingers.  The sight was causing Ken’s groin to swell.
   “And what kind of work do you do?”
   “Oh… a little of this and that too” she flirted.
Ken let out a raucous laugh and shuffled in his seat embarrassed.  She seemed to be awfully secretive but he was determined to find out more about this snow angel.
   “No, seriously” he probed.
She cocked her head to the side and seduced him with her big green eyes.
   “Take a guess” she tempted.
Ken blushed and shook his head before blurting out “Sweater model?”
Panic set in.  Would she be insulted for basing his opinion on her looks?  Would it look too obvious that he was checking her out this whole time?  In turn, would he look perverted or creepy?  They were strangers after all, so perhaps his comment would make her feel uncomfortable.  He scolded himself and then searched her face for a reaction.
Her lips curled into a seductive smile and her eyes glistened from beneath her long lashes.  She leaned forward placing her hand on his knee and squeezed it subtlety. 
   “How did you guess” she giggled.
Ken bit his tongue from saying anything provocative.  He shrugged his shoulders and laughed nervously.  He could see the fabric of his sweatpants starting to rise.
Oh god no! He panicked.
  “That’s funny because I could have said the same for you before you told me you were in sales.”
  “Well perhaps I sell sweaters” Ken joked.
Stupid Ken… stupid joke! He scolded himself.
  “We seem to have a lot of time on our hands.  Why don’t you try out some of your techniques on me?”
  “Excuse me?” Ken gulped.  Was she suggesting something more?
  “Go ahead Mr. Salesman.  See if you can get me to buy that sweater right off your back.  Although, I do have to say I prefer it better on you.” she winked.
Her hand ran up the sleeve of his sweater caressing the black wool as her fingernails traced the cabled pattern around his muscles.
He felt the blood suddenly rush to his private zone.  Liquid lava spun violently inside his hidden volcano.
  “You can touch mine too if you want.  You obviously seem to like it” she leaned over and whispered in his ear.
  “Okay, I was just joking about the whole sweater salesman thing… and I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…” Ken explained in a state of panic and intrigue.
  “You’re right… I’m sorry!  I should really go” she apologized before bolting towards the front door.
  “No, please, don’t go” Ken pleaded.
She ignored him and began to gather her belongings.
  “Please wait, I’m sorry.  I thought you were trying to… it’s just a misunderstanding…”  His words trailed off as he tensed with embarrassment.  He couldn’t let her get away.
In desperation he lunged towards the door and grabbed the anonymous beauty, pushing her up against the wall with a fiery kiss.  He dug his groin into her thigh and his hands traveled up to her soft fluffy mounds.
   She sighed breathlessly and spun around so he could grind his hard pole into her backside.  His hands reached out for the collar of her sweater which he pulled up over her face and then down around the base of her neck.  He then planted thousands of fevered kisses along the base of her throat.  She moaned and arched her back.  His cock was now at full attention.  Suddenly she spun around and yanked at the waistband of his sweatpants forcing them to the ground.  She fell to her knees and gobbled his thick cock in between her silky lips.  Her head bobbed back and forth against his member.  Her tongue swirled around its base and devoured him.  He placed a hand on the back of her head and forced himself down her throat.  She stared up at him as tears welled in her eyes.  She smiled like she loved it.  Excess saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and fell onto the neck of her sweater and breasts.  Her soft hand lifted to rub the underside of his scrotum and fondled his balls between her fingers.  Her other hand massaged his ass and forced him further into her throat.
Ken couldn’t believe this was happening.  He steadied his pace so he would not blow too soon, but the sight of his member sliding in and out of her juicy lips, with the tip of her turtleneck grazing just beneath them, was almost too much to bear.  Two hands now grasped the base of his cock and twirled in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion, creating a sensation of euphoric bliss as her slick digits kneaded every muscle and vein down below.  He was coming close to the breaking point.

     “Come here” he growled taking her by the hair and forcing her to her feet.
He kicked aside his pants and tore at the zipper of her jeans.  He slid them down her silky legs and took a moment to stroke her bum and pubic region through her lacey thong.  With one forceful tug, he ripped them off and flung them onto the floor next to the growing heap of discarded clothes.  He inhaled her scent and brushed his fingers through her small patch of pubic hair.  Taking her by the waist he hoisted her up onto the arm of the sofa.  She fell back into the pillows with her legs spread, allowing him full access.  His face dived into her sweet mound and he found himself lapping at her juices as if he was famished.  She moaned louder and louder as he focused solely on her clitoris.  He watched her lips unfold like a flower and change from pink to red.  They pulsed and opened with each breath and within moments a small stream of liquid splendor gushed from her tender rose.
   “More… more!” she cried.
So again Ken slithered his tongue like a snake up and down her sleek valley.  Her hands clutched at her sweater breasts and searched for her nipples underneath.  It wasn’t long before she came again and Ken could hold back no more.
He stood between her legs, his hard cock rubbing her swollen mound until he was slick with her juices.  He pressed his head between her open petals and slid deep within her garden of wonder.  The heat resonating from her love hole was excruciatingly delightful as it engulfed him within, tightening around his member with an unrelenting force.  Ken slowly pumped his hips, each time loosening the barrier within until he was balls deep inside her lovely flower.  He looked down at his mystery lover, her face flush and lips moist with lust.  Her delicate fingers danced across her erect nipples and up to the neck of her sweater where she played and rubbed the wool collar into her face. Ken reached out and bounced her amazing sweater tits within his hands.  He manipulated them between his palms until her hips pushed forward begging for friction.  He grabbed her by the hips and started slamming his cock in and out of her violently.  Her breasts bounced wildly into her face.  He looked down and watched his member gliding in and out of her wet pussy.
   “Yes fuck me!” she repeated over and over again.
To reciprocate, Ken lifted his leg onto the couch and rammed into her deeper.  His dream woman reached out for him, grabbing him by the hem of his sweater, and running her hands up and down his knitted chest.  The sensation drove Ken wild.
However, when he felt his balls tighten and his brain go numb, he knew cumming now was not the reaction either of them wanted.  He quickly pulled out and took a few deep breaths.  Sweat dripped down his back and his skin broke out in a fever rash.  He reached for the bottom of the sweater to remove it.
   “No… don’t take it off” she begged.
With a seductive smile she motioned for him to sit next to her on the couch.
She flung her legs about his waist, straddling his lap.  His eyes focused on her amazing assets.  Her hands once again ran up and down the length of his sweater in a repetitive pattern.  Her hips swayed back and forth, rubbing her pussy against his rigid member.  Her breathing once again became shallow and her moans grew louder.  Ken’s hands wrapped around her midsection and guided her towards his erection.  She crushed her clit into his stiff rod until she tipped her head back and screamed.  A hot river of molten sex splashed around his penis, and with that Ken desired to be inside her once again.  She raised her hips and impaled herself on his sturdy pole.  He felt nothing but sheer bliss as she bounced up and down on his manhood.  Her sweater tits swayed in his face and the white material tickled his nose.  She came again and again until Ken lost count.  He was now focused on staying in control of his own ejaculation.

     Before he could give the signal of a possible eruption, she dismounted his lap and crawled to the floor.  She pushed the coffee table aside and displayed her backside to him on all fours.  His tongue dove towards her ass.  He teased her puckered hole with the tip of his tongue before placing his throbbing member between her legs once again and pushing straight into her cavern.  Her ample bottom bounced off his thighs as he tore into her pussy.  He could feel every curve of her canal gripping him tighter and tighter.  He leaned forward and pulled her turtleneck straight up and over her face.  She called out loving the gesture.  Seeing her like this made Ken attack her ferociously.  He showed no mercy as he plowed into her like a jackhammer.  Ken could not believe this was happening to him.  His ultimate fantasy was finally coming true.  Here was a beautiful woman who adored him in a sweater and obviously loved wearing them herself.  On top of that very important fact, he was fucking her!  He hadn’t even caught her name, but here she was on all fours loving every moment he was within her.

      Ken knew he couldn’t last much longer.  He took a few more deep strokes and jumped to his feet. 
   “Bring that pretty face over here” he ordered.
She knelt below his swollen member, waiting for her reward.  With a few tugs, he let out a growl and released a creamy waterfall of sperm that fell about her face and mouth and mixed into the fibers of her sweater.  She licked her lips swallowing her salty prize.  Weak and unable to stand, Ken fell to the floor beside her.  They both looked into each others eyes and began to giggle at how quickly things had escalated.  She curled up into his chest, tracing a finger against his soaked sweater.
   “I have a confession to make.” She whispered.
   “What’s that?” he inquired.
She looked up at him with an innocent look.
   “Your phone lines weren’t really down” she blushed.
There was a deafening silence until Ken burst out laughing. She joined in the amusement until they both had tears coming out of their eyes.
   “That’s okay…because I didn’t really leave my cell-phone at the office.”
With an irritated grin she playfully smacked him with one of the couch pillows.
What could have been a miserable night became the best day of his life.
He couldn’t think of a better way to spend a cold winter evening.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Origins of Sweater Queen

How did you find your love of sweaters and what made you pursue this fetish? 

It is a common question I get asked time and time again from many in the community.  So I figured I would do a little long-overdue explaining to satisfy any of your curious minds out there.

I would guess it started somewhere around 1997-1998.  This is when I first put on a turtleneck and felt a “connection.”  I had worn them before, but never felt an attraction to others or myself in them.  In fact, before this, I was never a fan of sweaters at all.  I was young and under the impression that the more skin you showed a man, the more they paid attention to you.  So needless to say, crop tops and tight fitting low-cut shirts were usually my attire of choice.  However, this one day, I put on a thin cotton t-neck, and yes strangely, it changed my life forever. 

It was brown, like chocolate, and my hair was flaming red.  I thought the two looked so nice together.  I had skimped on doing laundry that week and needed something in a hurry for work.  The sweater was a hand-me-down of my mothers and I always had the impression that turtlenecks made people look older… not exactly what I wanted at 18.  I was skinnier then and the sweater clung to me and flattered me wonderfully.  It was when I really looked at myself and became instantly turned on by... a sweater of all things! 

When I went to work that day I noticed I was receiving so much attention from men who never knew I existed or never even looked at me sideways before.  I got so many stares and head-turns and it boosted my confidence sky-high!  I had men waiting on me hand and foot that day… getting me coffee… asking me out to lunch… willing to take on some of my extra workload… it was amazing!

So assuming it was just the awesomeness of ME that was making all these guys drool, I wore one of my cute little regular tops to work the next day... and… nothing!  Suddenly the attention was gone.  I was back to being Cinderella before she went to the Ball.  It puzzled me.

So later that week, me and a friend were going out shopping, and I had a thought to experiment with my theory.  I threw on a tight fitting pair of jeans, a pair of boots, and that same chocolate turtleneck and went out.  Again… the attention was amazing.  I couldn’t believe it.  We had guys following us all over the mall.  One came and gave me his number.  A few others tried to strike up some (rather lame) conversations with me.  Men from every store followed us around and flirted like lost puppies.  It HAD to be the turtleneck I came to the conclusion.

I felt so empowered and this sexual energy surged through me.  I felt confident and attractive.   I noticed every time I wore that sweater I felt like a seductress on the prowl and gradually the feelings grew and intensified.  I felt I was more noticed in something more covered up and less revealing than my usual crop tops and tank-tops. I loved the power and attention wearing sweaters got me.  And as you can imagine, as soon as I discovered this power, I was starting to fill my closet with more sweaters. 

Soon after discovering my new passion, I began seeing others in sweaters and felt fascinated by them or attracted to the person in the sweater (depending) or both.  This pertained to men or women.  In the bedroom, it was a change to keep the clothes on (well… for the most part) and there I could almost play the porn star and the sweetheart all in the same session.  Some men were intrigued by it and gave it a try, but others just thought it was weird or some body-sensitivity issue.

Then there was the issue of fabric. Being that my body is so sensitive, different materials and fabrics all had a unique impact on my libido.  Since I can remember, I have been addicted to satin.  I can’t resist touching it.  When I felt a soft sweater caress me like a satin gown would, it was the same addictive feeling that just set my blood on fire.  It set me on a road to discovery to experience all the different types of materials out there and which ones I found most erotic and for a myriad of different reasons. 

When I started dating someone who had the same kinks as me I thought I must be dreaming.  Like most do at first, I thought I was the only one and that people found me “weird” if I expressed anything about it.  He introduced me to a whole world of sweater pleasures and got me into the bigger sweaters, larger necks, and a new array of materials.  Now I had so many options to suit my moods or desires. One day he asked to take some photos of me (for his own purposes) and I allowed him.  Well, unbeknownst to me at the time, he went ahead and put those up on Flickr because he wanted to show me off a little.  I had been modeling for a friend’s photography studio so he probably figured I wouldn’t mind.  Regardless, they were a big hit almost overnight.  He then brought it to my attention as a “surprise” (which at that exact moment I wasn’t 100% excited about, lol.)  When I saw the response I was flattered.  I had always had such poor self-esteem and this was a delightful ego-boost. 

After developing a large fan-base in such a short amount of time, my endeavors proceeded towards a more professional approach to share quality work with those who shared my passions.  From there, I found a whole community full of people who had the same thoughts and feelings just like me.  When more and more people discovered an actual sweater-girl was in their midst… well the attention and admiration just got stronger.  I began to discover what giving back to the community gained me.  Now I wasn’t just modeling for him… I was modeling for the world!  Hence, Sweater Queen was born and became a household name.  And so… everything continued on from there…and hopefully will for awhile yet!
I have been at this for about 7 years now, and my closet continues to swell with new garments.  Currently I believe I own somewhere around 300?  Perhaps I should make another tally soon.  In my opinion, women are a lot like sweaters.  There are so many comparisons.  They are soft, comforting, and sensitive (as in the materials against the skin.)  Beautiful, eye-catching, alluring, and desirable.  You just can’t help but want to touch.  And yes, some can even be a little bit complicated. *wink*

People tell me it is hard to sometimes pin-point what exactly brought on their fetish of choice.  I am happy to say I can recall the exact moments of my transformation and will revel in it always!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vanilla Sunday - Part 3

...or perhaps that's Sundae?  Either way, don't I look good enough to lick in this soft white angora tneck with matching boots?
Sweater made by:
Another New Years treat to add to my collection!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Still Ringing in the New Year... and Sweaters: Part 2

Another new beauty to add to my collection.  A soft pink angora turtleneck made by:

...and new boots as well !!!  :-D

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Treat - Part 1

Happy New Years Everyone!  As a special treat, I thought I would share some of my Christmas goodies with you all on the very first day of the year... and there is more to come!!!

We'll start with this lovely powder blue angora cable-knit sweater.  Great thick neck and SUPER soft!

For more amazing sweaters like this, please visit:
Cable-Knit Socks made by Lands End.

Another Xmas sweater pic coming soon...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time To Blow Out the Candles!

Yes, tis the Queen's Birthday today and I would just like to thank all those who have already sent their wonderful greetings and personal contributions in my honor.

The first present I would like to share with you all is another drawing by my good friend and Court Painter, Sant:

We have been discussing making an actual Sweater Queen Comic with different stories, scenarios, advertising, even a centerfold... and much more.  Just a thought for now... but definitely one with great possibilities.

I have another present to share in the next couple days... so come back to my castle soon!